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Welcome to the Mastering Midlife Podcast where we explore life at it’s most stressful and most productive.  We will be featuring conversations with experts in the field of Mental Health, Executive Leadership, Business, Health, Exercise, Nutrition, Sex, and Relationship.  Midlife is a powerful time, and together we will learn to “thrive when the world asks the most of us.”

Dec 19, 2019

MM027 Let’s Talk About Your Posse’ with Mark J. Silverman


You are the sum total of the 5, 10, or 2 people you hang around with.  They are a reflection of you, they influence you and they are a huge part of the quality of your life and production.  Choose wisely.

A bad Posse’ can result in misguided adventures.  No Posse’ can be isolated with all the health and well-being consequences it brings.


Too many of us wake up in Mid-life to find out we do not have a deep bench of friends, supporters, confidants.




“If you have a dream that you can accomplish on your own, you’re not dreaming big enough.” – Jeanine Becker




Today on Mastering Midlife:


  • Take a look at who you surround yourself with
  • Do they lift you, challenge you, support you?
  • Do they hold you back or bring you down?
  • Do you have a Posse’ of people at all?
  • We all need a personal and professional group we can lean on and learn from.
  • How is your professional Board of Directors?
  • It’s smart to have people in your life with skills, knowledge and insights different from your own.