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Welcome to the Mastering Midlife Podcast where we explore life at it’s most stressful and most productive.  We will be featuring conversations with experts in the field of Mental Health, Executive Leadership, Business, Health, Exercise, Nutrition, Sex, and Relationship.  Midlife is a powerful time, and together we will learn to “thrive when the world asks the most of us.”

Jul 30, 2021

Brian Roberts is the CEO Advisor and CEO Peer Group Leader at Vistage, a company that provides private advisory boards for business owners, senior executives, and CEOs. He is also what they call a Vistage Chair, a highly regarded and trusted representative of the company’s established ways of executive coaching and...

Jul 26, 2021

Pat Hedley is an investor, advisor, and the Founder and CEO of The Path Ahead, where she identifies and invests in high-growth companies. She is also the author of the book, Meet 100 People, where she shares her insights on proactively meeting people. Drawing from the lessons she learned from the thousands of people she...

Jul 23, 2021

This episode is inspired by Sadhguru’s incredible book, “Inner Engineering.”

We spend most of our time, imagining a future that hasn’t happened or ruminating over a past, that we don’t even remember accurately. 

Most of our stress comes from the catastrophes we make up or reliving a painful event, that...

Jul 19, 2021

Mike Harris is an adventurer, performance mastery coach, and host of the In This Moment podcast. Prior to becoming a coach, Mike was a high-stakes professional poker player, champion pool player, and corporate finance leader. Each of these experiences have allowed him to study the intersection of risk, resilience,...

Jul 16, 2021

I hear too often, “I will be/feel good when X happens.”

We think something outside ourselves is going to change our experience.  And it may, for a moment.

I think that is ass backwards.

In this episode, we discuss a better way.

"How do we need to be, in order to do what we need to do, to have what we say we want.”...