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Welcome to the Mastering Midlife Podcast where we explore life at it’s most stressful and most productive.  We will be featuring conversations with experts in the field of Mental Health, Executive Leadership, Business, Health, Exercise, Nutrition, Sex, and Relationship.  Midlife is a powerful time, and together we will learn to “thrive when the world asks the most of us.”

Apr 5, 2022

Debra Olshan-Cooper is the Founder of Your Career Design Lab, a career coaching firm dedicated to curating people’s career goals. Debra is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience serving as the CEO of two successful public relations and marketing firms, Real Life Communications & Marketing and FreshConnect Solutions. As Founder of Your Career Design Lab, Debra leads her clients on a journey of self-discovery while turning their passions into a paycheck.

Debra joins me today to discuss what it takes to turn your passion into a career and explains why it’s not too late for anyone to do what fulfills them. She outlines how her “Ta-Da!” list could help you discover what you’re truly passionate about and describes how we can work through limiting beliefs by reframing. She also highlights the role of contemplative practices in discovering our life’s mission and underscores how we can reconcile responsibility, passion, and career.

“Doubt is something that stops us from moving forward. There has to be an overall belief that you can do it, and that what you believe you’re meant to do is meant for you.” - Debra Cooper

This week on Mastering Overwhelm:

  • The Great Resignation and what “Thinkcubate” means
  • Reconciling responsibility, passion, and career
  • Reframing limiting beliefs and neutralizing ageism
  • Turning your side hustle into a career
  • Debra’s “Ta-da!” list and how to discover your deep-seated passion
  • Getting support when you think outside the box
  • The selfishness we feel when we seek to turn our passion into a career
  • The role of contemplative practices in discovering your life purpose
  • How COVID-19 has forced people into reevaluating their lives

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