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Welcome to the Mastering Midlife Podcast where we explore life at it’s most stressful and most productive.  We will be featuring conversations with experts in the field of Mental Health, Executive Leadership, Business, Health, Exercise, Nutrition, Sex, and Relationship.  Midlife is a powerful time, and together we will learn to “thrive when the world asks the most of us.”

Jan 14, 2019

You can have great sex in midlife (and beyond), but first, you need to know some things.  Monica takes us on a journey to knowing ourselves, the changes in our bodies and in our needs so we can learn to enjoy “this most passionate and powerful time in our lives.”  If you want to bring intimacy and sensuality into your life and your relationship, I promise this two-part conversation will deliver.


Monica is the Author of “Play Wild Stay Save – The Guide To Giving And Receiving.”  She has dedicated her life to inspiring people to “come alive,” as she calls it. Through her workshops, spoken word performances, speaking engagements, and personal coaching, she has affected and inspired thousands to break the chains of the mundane and live life to the fullest.

Monica can be found at Monica Day