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Welcome to the Mastering Midlife Podcast where we explore life at it’s most stressful and most productive.  We will be featuring conversations with experts in the field of Mental Health, Executive Leadership, Business, Health, Exercise, Nutrition, Sex, and Relationship.  Midlife is a powerful time, and together we will learn to “thrive when the world asks the most of us.”

Aug 16, 2021

Isabelle Tierney, M.A., LMFT, is a licensed therapist, stress management specialist, transformational teacher, and coach. She is the CEO of Choice Point, a company dedicated to providing tools and services that help people reduce stress in their lives and choose wellbeing. Under Choice Point, Isabelle created the “Feel Good Life” and “Stress Reset” methodologies to equip her clients with stress management tools for home and work. Her flagship course, The Feel Good Life Foundational Course, empowers people to choose a life with less stress and more ease, joy, and inspiration. Isabelle holds two master’s degrees: she completed her M.A. in Child Development at Tufts University and received her M.A. in International Relations and Communication from Boston University. Isabelle also graduated with a certificate in Brennan Healing Science from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and is now an energy healer.

Isabelle joins me today to share her “Feel Good Scale” and discuss a framework that can help people manage stress and live a life of ease and inspiration. She discusses the “Feel Good Scale’s” red, yellow, and green zones and explains how they can help us identify our stress triggers. She describes the physiological, emotional, and mental signs that show we’re in the red zone. She also highlights the value of slowing down to open our lives to inspiration and underscores her three-step action plan that can move us to a life of peace, joy, and wellbeing.

“When we slow down—when we choose to surrender, to listen, to allow, or to receive—something greater than our rational thinking can show up and guide us to create astounding businesses that are peaceful, effortless, and inspired.” - Isabelle Tierney

Today on Mastering Midlife:

  • How to use Isabelle’s “Feel Good Scale” to get to a place of relaxation and wellness
  • The red, green, and yellow zones of the “Feel Good Scale” and what they mean
  • Complacency, the yellow zone, and getting ourselves to a better life
  • Why Isabelle cares about helping others reduce the stress in their lives
  • Experiencing adrenal fatigue and choosing the green zone every day
  • How taking deep breaths can impact us and reconnect us with ourselves
  • Slowing down and welcoming inspiration into our lives
  • The reason the best ideas come to us in the shower
  • How to move from the red zone of stress response to the green zone of relaxation and wellbeing
  • Physiological, emotional, and mental feedbacks that indicate you’re in the red zone
  • The core beliefs of the red zone and how they hold us back
  • What “feel-good” habits are and how they’re different from “false-good” habits
  • Dealing with our humanity and learning to welcome anger, fear, and frustration
  • How fear can help fuel us and give us life force
  • Experiencing grief and allowing the energy of “difficult” emotions to move through us

Connect with Isabelle Tierney:

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